About How the City Moved to Mr Sun:

‘A fascinating and long overdue report from the often surreal frontlines of China’s urban revolution. (..) Witty, poignant, startling, How the City Moved to Mr Sun provides a unique insight into one of the essential stories of our age.’
Duncan Hewitt, former BBC Beijing and Shanghai correspondent, author of Getting Rich First: Life in a Changing China

How the City Moved to Mr Sun covers the length and breadth of this huge, often unfathomable country – telling the greatest urbanisation story in history quite literally from the deep foundations up.’
Nick Mackie, China correspondent for World Business on CNBC

‘In the Western academic world, no one else is currently doing the same type of work on these cities in the interior of China, combining architecture and journalism. The combination works well in tandem, as that is how a city evolves — socially and structurally.’
Liu Yuyang, principal architect, ALYA, and co-author of Great Leap Forward

‘Compelling reports and photos illustrating the unprecedented pace of change’
– de Volkskrant

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  6. […] ‘How the City Moved to Mr Sun’ by Michiel Hulshof and Daan Roggeveen – given to me by the writer/publisher in China for collaborative review. Yet to read. Interested to see what it says… […]

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