Embedded architecture


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hand of client

From Daan’s Diary:

Mondaymorning. I am having a cup of coffee and am reading a bit in my just acquired copy (!) of SMLXL. In the essay ‘Bigness’ I read: ‘Beyond a certain critical mass, a building becomes a Big Building.’

The phone rings. It is my friend S. ‘Hey Daan, we are going to do a 131,000 square meter project in Taiyuan. The program is mall, office, hotel. Can you join our team and meet the client?’ I discuss the idea with Michiel. Taiyuan is one of the Go West cities. It is a perfect opportunity to be part of the architectural process in one of the cities: embedded architecture.

Tuesdaymorning 10.40am my plane lands in Taiyuan. Our local partner, an LDI awaits us at the airport. They take us to the site, where we meet the client. The client is a local coal mine owner, who wears a blue suit and a Rolex. When I ask him what kind of building he has in mind he says: ‘Number 1 international!’ So far our architectural debate.

One week later, the client wants to see where the project is heading. We submit some schemes. The LDI has presented them already. We are waiting for reply…

To be continued

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