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This is one of the most amazing graphs we’ve come across in a long time. We found it in the United Nations Urbanization Prospect 2007. It shows the distribution of the world’s population in 1950, 2007 and the predictons for 2050.

Take a look at some of the most stunning figures:
1) In 1950, no less than 38% of the world population lived in Europe, and 15% in Northern America. In 2050, that will be 9% and 6%.
2) During the same period, the percentage of the world population living in Asia will rise from 32 to 54%
3) Africa is gaining importance quickly: 4% of the world population in 1950, against 19% in 2050

Some powerfull data to support the importance of the emerging megacities in Central and Western China, we would say…

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