The Go West Project gets input a network of scientists, architects, entrepreneurs, journalists and artists from several countries. Over the past years, the following people have all contributed to the succes of the project.

XML Architecture Research Urbanism
XML Architecture Research Urbanism in Amsterdam cooperates with the Go West Project on the relevancy of the research results for modern urban development.

Remko Tanis, journalist
As the China correspondent for the Netherlands Press Agency (GPD), Flemish opinion magazine HUMO and Dutch television network RTL-Z, Remko advises the Go West Project on the relevancy of the research results for current developments in the Chinese society.

The Attention Company / Clarisse Stulp, communicatons expert
As founder of The Attention Company in Shanghai, Clarisse joined the Go West Project team for the exhibition ‘100 Days of Stories’ during the Shenzhen/ Hong Kong Biennale. She continues to give communication and PR advice to the Go West Project.

Job Roggeveen, designer
Co-founder of the graphic design studio Job, Joris en Marieke, he provided the Go West Project with a housestyle and graphic design.

Martin Mevius, historian and writer
As an expert on the history of communism in Europe, Martin Mevius wrote the acclaimed book ‘Agents of Moscow‘. For the Go West Project, he translated the manuscript of the book from Dutch into English.

WassinkLundgren, photographers
Ruben Lundgren and  Thijs Groot Wassink are founders of the internationally acclaimed photographic studio WassinkLundgren. Ruben provides the Go West Project with advice on photography and photo selections.

Liu Yuyang, professor of urbanism
Founder of Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects in Shanghai, professor at the Hong Kong University and long-time connaisseur of Chinese urbanism, Yuyang has provided the Go West Project with indispensable information and advice regarding urban development in China.

DCF / MARS Architects
Founder of the Dynamic City Foundation and MARS Architects, expert on sustainable urban development in China and writer of the book ‘The Chinese Dream’, Neville and the Go West Project regularly share thoughts on strategies for urban development in China.

Su Yunseng, professor of urbanism
Professor of urban development at Tongji University in Shanghai and co-founder of ‘Urban China’, the Go West Project worked together with Yunseng to provide urban advice to city governments in China.

Dashui 大水, architect and graphic designer
As an architect and graphic designer from Wuhan, Dashui participated with the Go West Project both in the Shenzhen/ Hong Kong Architecture Biennale and in the exposition ‘About a minute’.

Gopher Hole / Beatrice Galilee, London, UK
The Gopher Hole is a new architecture, art, music, design, literature & miscellaneous culture gallery/venue in Hoxton, London founded by Beatrice Galilee. Go West participated in the opening show ‘About a Minute’ and did the UK launch of their book in the galery.

Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam, NL
Go West and the City Theater of Amsterdam cooperated on the symposium ‘Exploding China’ about emerging cities in Central and Western China  which took place on 13 September 2011.

International New Town Institute, Almere, NL
International New Town Institute (INTI) cooperates with Go West on a concept for urban development of a new area in Europe, influenced by Chinese urbanization strategies. website of INTI.

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