Millionairs in Little Venice in Volume #30: Privatize!

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The newest issue of Volume has an excerpt of on of the chapters of our book: about the millionaires on the artificial island ‘Little Venice’ in Changsha. The issue, which deals with the privatization of our cities, is out now. More on the theme here:

What used to be collective care is rapidly becoming private responsibility. At least in the West. Is privatization the one fits all solution to every (financial) problem? Can addressing collective needs be thought of as the sum total of numerous private initiatives? And will the ‘retreat’ of government and state be compensated by other ways to organize the complex organism called society?

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Luxury in Changsha…a sneak preview


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After a visit in November 2009, we are back in Changsha, to check out luxury life in central China. What does it look like? Take a first look:






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Go West will visit Wuhan and Changsha

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Wuhan in former days

Next week, the Go West Project will visit the cities of Wuhanand Changsha. In Wuhan, we will focus on residential development, whereas in Changsha we will see if the new Chinese metropolis is a harmonious entity or as fragmented as the cities in other parts of the world.

In both cities we are looking for architects, urbanists, journalists and academics who can help us with these subjects.

Do you have any suggestion, or do you come from one of the cities and do you have special ideas about reports and documentaries, please let us know! info[at]

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