preparing trips to Hohhot & Shijiazhuang

Background, Hohhot, Shijiazhuang

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Hohhot city centre

Next week we will visit Hohhot (Inner Mongolia) followed by Shijiazhuang (Hebei) the week after.

In Hohhot we will focus on the multicultural aspects of the city. Main research questions are:

– which different groups are living in the city?
– how do get along?
– do they have different places in the city where they live?
– is this a negative thing (getto’s) or a positive thing?
– in which way are the different cultures represented in the city’s architecture?

In Shijiazhuang we will make a report about relocation areas: the housing projects where people will move when their houses are torn down. What do people think of  their relocation? Are they happy with their new house? How do they see their future?

Do you live in Hohhot or Shijiazhuang and do you want to share your thoughts? Do you have suggestions about these subjects, or the places to visit, contact us: or call Daan: +

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