Exhibition: Unmade in China


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Although China is known for its incredible building production, with ‘a Chicago of skyscrapers’ being realized every year, a lot of architectural proposals never leave the drawing board or the model room. The Shanghai office of Cannon Design decided to dedicate an exhibition to this phenomena and dubbed it ‘Unmade in China‘. They selected ten Western offices to show their – unmade – work in the exhibition, and combined each project with interviews with the architect discussing the question why the projects were not realized. They asked us to write a prologue for the exhibition catalog.

The exhibition runs from 20 April to 20 June, 2012


Curators: Michael Tunkey, Lukasz Kos, Henrick Borjesson
Interviews: Lukasz Kos
Exhibition Design: Cannon Design
Graphic Design: Yasuo Kishibe
Prologue: Daan Roggeveen
Text editing: Martin Mevius
Communications: Hu Huifang (Cannon), Clarisse Stulp (The Attention Company)

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