Go West at Beijing Design Week (2)


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Are unbuilt architectural projects a sign of failure? On Friday the 29th of September, Go West gave a presentation at the Beijing Design Week 2012 during the opening of the unMade China exhibition. The unMade exhibition showed a selection of inspiring, but all unbuilt architectural projects in China. Go West shared their opinion about this phenomenon and concluded that China is not the ‘architects fairytale’ anymore as most people still envision China’s current building conditions. Instead, China seems to have multiple layers that are difficult to understand and in which projects fall for unexplained reasons. In several short presentations Luis Aguirre Manso from Aqso, Jan Felix Clostermann of Spark Architects and Shu Yan Chan of UN Studio thereupon elaborated on their specific experiences with unbuilt projects in China. In the end, we concluded that actually some of the most famous examples in architecture are projects that are not realized. The projects in this exhibition are therefore not proofs of failure, but more likely starting points for new and innovating future concepts.

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