Go West organizes workshop in Xi’an University of Architecture


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Today, we did a presentation for students of the Xian University of Architecture. We were invited by professor Xiao Li – who we also interviewed last Sunday – to tell something about our project. We decided to do it different, and ask the students to give their vision on residential design in China – our subject of research in Xi’an.

First, we gave a brief introduction on our work, and our analysis of the current status quo of residential design: gated compounds with high rises, oriented north/south, with a private garden within the boundaries of the gate. We asked the students to come up with alternative concepts. The challenge for them was to do the fastest urban design in history: develop a concept for a compound of 400×500 m., with a FAR of 3,0 and to present the results within 30 minutes. And they succeeded. See below some impressions of the concepts they came up with.


workshop group


group 1

group 1: skygardens

group 2, slide 1

group 2 slide 2

group 2 slide 3

group 2: upwards compound > tree-structure

group 3 slide 1

group 3 slide 2

group 3: L shaped structures

group 4 slide 1

group 4 slide 2

group 4: structure of interconnected towers

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    Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

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