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Newsroom - Chinese Cities in Africa

From Tuesday 9 April until Friday 12 April, the Go West Project will present the Newsroom Africa at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the prestigious design fair in Milan. The Newsroom is part of Afrofuture, an exhibition dedicated to African design and culture in Milan’s famous department store la Rinascente


In the Newsroom, visitors will see a desk, covered with books, magazines and newspaper clippings about Chinese involvement in Africa. At the deks, Michiel Hulshof and Daan Roggeveen will be working all week on their new research project that studies Chinese involvement in the creation of new megacities in Africa. From time to time they will invite specialists from Europe and Africa to sit down with them and have an in-dept interview about the involvement of Chinese businesses and government in Africa.

Newsroom - Chinese Cities in Africa 2

Although most of their conversation will be in Dutch, visitors will be able to understand their topic of discussion with the help of translator Roberta Armida. On Friday 12 April, from 16:00 until 17:00, the Go West Project will present the result of a week’s work.

Newsroom Africa @ Salone del Mobile
From Tuesday 9 until Friday 12 April
Daily from 11:00 until 19:00
La Rinascente (level -1, design Supermarket)
Milano Piazza Duomo


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