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Last week Journalist Ye Jun from the Global Times (no doubt our favourite English language newspaper in China) interviewed us about our project and asked us to give an assesment of China’s developping cities. Yesterday she published her story: a page-long article about Go West in the Shanghai People-section of the newspaper, illustrated with a rock&roll-like picture of Daan, Xinlin and me, standing on top of a pile of rubble of a recently destroyed village near Hefei.

Check that out! You can find a PDF-version of the article here and a link to the web-version here.

At the end of the article we mention an idea that we’ve been talking about quite a lot recently. In the last 30 years, China succesfully introduced the market economy by using the model of Special Economic Zones (SEZ’s), areas with a more liberal economic policy than other parts of the country. Following this model, wouldn’t it be possible for China to create Special Academic & Art Zones (SAZ’s), areas with a more liberal policy towards critical art and academics? We haven’t fully developped the idea yet, but it’s definitely something you’ll be hearing from us about again!

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