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About a Minute

Pictures: WassinkLundgren

Gopher Hole Gallery, London, UK
9 December 2010 – 13 February 2011

Go West was invited to take part in the inaugural show of the new London gallery The Gopher Hole. This exhibition called ‘About a Minute’ brought together a key group of individuals and studios – from writers to architects and composers – that represented the spirit and character of the space.

If there is one thing that can change your life in less then a minute, it is a phone call. ‘You got the job’, ‘Your father died’, ‘I’m in love with you’, or: ‘You won the lottery’. Phone calls can also bring people closer and bridge long distances. To connect the emerging, yet unknown mega cities in the heart of China with the bustle of downtown London, Go West Project asked young people from cities in central and Western China to make regular calls to a phone in the Gopher Hole gallery in Old Street.

The calls connected gallery visitors in one of the most vibrant metropolises of today to inhabitants of the most vibrant metropolises of tomorrow. In short conversations people in London could find out how much their life differs from, or maybe resembles to, that of citizens in Chongqing, Wuhan or Shijiazhuang.