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Qingpu Newtown

Masterplan for newtown in one of the satelite towns of Shanghai
Competion, Qingpu Urban Development Department, 2009

We perceive the site as a typical line city centre. A new node on a string of city centres of different quality. The success of this new centre depends a great deal on its ability to become a powerful magnet on this line. Therefore it needs to develop a personality that generates strong possibilities for development.

On the scale of the site the centre area needs to use the activity of the centre in a way that does not only benefit the main road but gives chances to the whole site, bringing urban energy to the new town. Our first intervention is to widen the infl uence of this road by changing the road system from a generic ortagonal system to a space defi ning hexagonal one. This way the residential hinterland gets connected to the main road, and the centre program (commercial, cultural, educational and recreational) gets brought deeper in the new city. This interweaving through street pattern gives better chances for a comfortably layered Qingpu New Town.

Once we have extended the influence zone of the road we have a series of plots that stretch over the road. These plots we perceive as a sequence of programmed urban landscapes. Together offering a visually and programmatically intense city centre. The plots are developed as urban landscapes, housing different strong centre programs as individual urban magnets on a scenic string. These magnets are a combination of landscape and program. Trees and towers, mall and hill, an entertainment
bridge, water and culture, etc. Combined this sequence of the landscapes is a road movie representing the image of Qingpu New
City. At the same time it is a diverse centre of bordering urban landscapes challenging the visitor to explore. This new centre does not embody a style, more so it is a mix of urban energies wrapped in a leisurely landscape packaging.

in cooperation with AIM Architecture, Shanghai