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Shantou Chaonan District

Shantou Chaonan District

Analysis & redevelopment proposal, urban / rural fringes, 2013

As part of an international team of experts in urban planning, mobility, water management and architecture, Go West worked at the invitation of Nanjing University and the Shantou Planning Bureau on a strategic proposal for the Chaonan area around Shantou.

The Chaonan region, positioned in a river delta, currently struggles with problems similar to many other places in China’s urban / rural fringe. Uncontrolled urbanization over the years caused a highly fragmented urban structure in which polluting industries and traditional Chaonan villages are situated side by side. Social challenges such as depopulation and a lack of public services give the problem a further dimension.

Go West is working on a proposal that aims to regenerate the area by increasing densities while maintaining the existing urban fabric. Sustainable and economical viable forms of development form the driving forces behind our explorations.

Team: Michiel Hulshof, Daan Roggeveen, Brechtje Spreeuwers