Shantou Desakota Workshop


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Next week from 21 – 25 January, Go West will participate in the Shantou ‘Desakota’ Workshop. Together with an international team of experts in urban planning, mobility, water management and architecture, we will think about how to carefully integrate the surrounding (water) landscape into the next phase of the development plan for Shantou.

Since 1982, the city of Shantou is part of the group of five Special Economic Zones in China, but struggled to develop. Therefore, the Institute of Urban Planning and Design of the Nanjing University and the Shantou Planning Bureau together wrote a new Strategic Plan that aimed to set a new blueprint for the Shantou region. Our workshop is one part of the next phase of this development plan.

Participants are urban planner and team leader Martin Dubbeling (Connecting Cities), landscape architect Wouter Vos (KuiperCompagnons), urban planner Ric Stephens (Stephens Planning and Design), Dutch water engineer Govert Geldof (Geldof c.s.), transport and mobility expert Richard ter Avest (Goudappel Coffeng) and urban planner Sebastien Goethals (Urban Stream).

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