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Guiyang received architectural world fame last year with the Huaxi project, a masterplan made by Beijing MAD Architects. In this masterplan, 11 young architecture offices were invited to contribute. The result is a bouquet of contemporary architectural forms. The project is widely published, widely discussed and widely criticized. And not yet build.

Last week, we were taken to Huaxi by Wei Haobo, director of Westline Studio in Guiyang. He showed us his project “Dream Stream”, consisting of 4 different buildings in the hills of Guiyang. Each building has a – especially for Chinese means – radical building typology. And most of all: they succeeded in building these proposals! Take a look:

Bamboo tree house

The Bamboo Tree House is a structure with different dwellings lying on the hill. The houses are connected by staircases. The shape refers to the informal architecture of the farmer villages. Wei was also inspired by the village architecture in the South of Spain, he told us. The facade was meant to be filled in with local stones. However, the developer decided to make a cheaper solution by filling the structure in with tiles…

Bamboo tree house 2


The Courtyard House is a midrise, carre shaped residential building; quite odd in China. The carre faces South, whereas the two wings face east and west. Under the building is a car parking, so the whole area is car free.

Courtyard house

Courtyard house 2

The curtain building consists of two slabs with a east-west orientation. The slabs contain apartments, which are accessed through staircases between the slabs. The apartments can be ventilated by opening the windows. All the apartments also have louvres, to cover for the sun and for privacy.

Curtain House

Curtain house 2

Curtain House 3

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